十字军之王2开发日志#86 | 6/8 人物界面重做

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CK2 Dev Diary #86 - Character View Redux





Today I’d like to show off the new Character View, which we affectionately refer to as the ‘Redux’ version. The old Character View, despite having been redone several times already, was still plagued by not having enough space for the various elements (traits, in particular) and having random buttons floating all over the interface (Leading Troops Toggle, Artifacts, Barber Shop, etc). Our primary goal has been to free up space and facilitate the addition of new buttons, and here’s the result:

今天我想要炫耀一下新的角色界面Character View,我们亲切地称之为“豪华重制”版。旧的角色界面尽管已经被重做了几次,但是仍然因为没有足够的空间来安置各种界面要素(特别是人物特质),并且界面上到处是飘来飘去的随机按钮(切换亲自带兵,宝物,理发按钮等)而令人困扰。我们的首要目标是释放空间,并且添加新的按钮,下面是我们的结果:

This is how the Character View for your own character will look. As you can see, a lot of things have been reshuffled to create more space. We’ve kept in mind that certain habits are hard to break, so some of the more commonly used things are still in their original place, e.g. the ‘Arrange Marriage’ button, and the information you need at a glance is in the same general area as it used to be, e.g. the Levy Size number. We’ve replaced the text with icons, and all icon snow also have tooltips - this means that, unlike before, we actually explain the concepts of the various lists you see, such as what the difference between a Trait and a Modifier is.


Some elements have been removed, such as the ‘Dynasty Tree’ button, as clicking the Dynasty Shield itself fulfilled the exact same function.

一些元素已被移除,像“家族树Dynasty Tree”按钮,因为点击家族盾徽Dynasty Shield本身就已经完成了相同的功能。


The old ‘Combat modifiers’ icon (the two crossed swords) have been replaced by a new icon (orange with a sword and chess piece) in order to make it more clear that you can hover it to see useful information. We’ve also added a similar button that shows the total effects of any Artifacts a character has (yellow with a goblet and helmet). This icon is also visible in character lists, making it useful for tracking down characters which hold artifacts on their persona.


We’ve also exposed the Personal Combat Skill value of characters in the list of skills. More on this in a future DD, but rest assured that it’ll have an enhanced impact on your gameplay experience!

我们还单独在角色能力列表中列出了个人战斗技能值Personal Combat Skill。在将来的开发日志中会有更多关于这个的内容,但是可以放心的是它将对你的游戏体验产生巨大的影响!


To preserve some sense of mystery I’ve censored some of the buttons pertaining to expansion features using pictures of confused ducks, I’ll go into more detail on what the buttons entail in later DD’s.


This is how it looks when viewing another character:


As you can see, it’s similar to the other view although with more censored buttons. The main difference, which may take some time to adjust to, is the new location of the Plot button - though it is now in a way more convenient location overall.



We’ve tried to shuffle as much information as possible to the right of the view, in order to make it easier to get the information you need at a glance - Active diplomacy (such as wars), levy numbers and stats are all lined up and easy to view.


While we don’t expect everyone to instantly embrace the new layout, we did it out of necessity and managed to use the space we had available in a very effective way - and after having spent months using it internally, I don’t believe there’s a single one of us in the Dev Team that could go back to the old layout.




翻译:黑泥鳅 Hyan

翻译:万豪顿 三等文官猹中堂